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£21 million spent by GPs on preparation for CQC registration deadline

28th March 2013 | Categories: GPs

1st April deadline for GPs practices looming large

As the clock ticks down to 1st April, the deadline for GPs to complete registration with CQC is looming large. Pulse, the UK’s leading medical weekly publication which counts more than 70% of GPs among its regular readers, has published some interesting statistics showing the impact of preparing for the new compliance regime.

Over £21 million in direct costs but how much time is expended?

Polling 273 practices and gaining an average figure of the expenditure across them has revealed that each practice has spent £2,541. When this is extrapolated across the 8,300 practices in England it suggests the profession has spent a total of £21,090,300 in preparation.

With GPs locum rates running at around £80 – £100 per hour and the average practice manager’s annual salary approaching £310,000, the time expended on the compliance project is also of considerable value. The survey revealed that on average GPs spent 7.41 days on CQC registration.

QCS compliance management great value and less time consuming

The QCS compliance management system for GPs costs a little over half the average spent by GPs in the survey. Anecdotal evidence suggests the time requirement is considerably less; certainly in adult social care, once information gathering has been completed, with QCS the bulk of compliance for each site can be entered for submission to the CQC in about one day.

QCS compliance management offers great value to GPs during the registration process. This value increases over time as it provides a sustainable solution to for achieving excellent ratings under the scrutiny of the CQC’s on-going inspection programme.

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Click here to read the article ‘Revealed: How GPs have spent millions preparing for CQC registration’ at Pulsetoday.co.uk

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