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Welcome to the QCS blog, where you can find all the latest news stories and opinions about the Dental, GP and Care Industries. Along with a number of useful guides.  For your ease of use, we have established categories under which you can source the relevant articles and news items.

Post-Easter, Too-Much–Chocolate Dietary Musings

Post-Easter, Too-Much–Chocolate Dietary Musings ›

24th April 2014 | Categories: Learning Disability

Do we have a responsibility to help Service Users manage their weight? When ‘plump’ becomes unhealthy, or downright risky, we need to consider how we tackle this very sensitive issue. Wobbly is the new shape Easter weekend in Birmingham; a trip to the shops to buy clothes for the anticipated warmer weather.  As a teenager,…

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The Importance of Privacy

The Importance of Privacy ›

23rd April 2014 | Categories: Human Resources

David Moyes sacked! The papers stated this would happen, and it did! Would it be classed ‘OK’ for an employee to find out they were to be dismissed before it happened?  At the least it would reflect poorly on the employer, but potentially (depending on the detail) leave the employer open to a valid unfair…

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Inconsistency May Cost You Dearly

Inconsistency May Cost You Dearly ›

17th April 2014 | Categories: Human Resources

In a recent case involving Peacock Stores, employees were able to claim far more in redundancy pay than the Stores had originally envisaged. A lack of consistency in approach to previous redundancy payments left the Stores vulnerable to, from their viewpoint, the least favourable interpretation. In particular their redundancy policy was unclear and there was…

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It’s Easter – Time to talk about Chocolate

It’s Easter – Time to talk about Chocolate ›

17th April 2014 | Categories: Food & Nutrition

Over 80 million chocolate eggs are sold at Easter time – that’s a lot of chocolate! Chocolate is frequently associated with increased weight gain, but surprisingly there are also some scientific studies that show that a small amount of chocolate can be good for you. Chocolate and Heart Health Chocolate is derived from cocoa (cocoa…

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Police Powers Under Mental Health Law

Police Powers Under Mental Health Law ›

17th April 2014 | Categories: Mental Health

The police have certain powers under the Mental Health Act and it may well be useful for care home and domiciliary care providers to be aware of these. Sometimes people think that the police have more powers than they do, so it is worth knowing about those limitations as well. Police officers often get very…

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No One Told Me That

No One Told Me That ›

17th April 2014 | Categories: Dentists

Sorry, this is a technical blog with a lot of ‘dentist speak’ in it, but others might be interested in the gist of it.  Today, I saw a patient with a failing root treatment which they had done a couple of years ago.  They had paid a lot of money, like hundreds of pounds, for…

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Come on you Blues?

Come on you Blues? ›

16th April 2014 | Categories: Learning Disability

Supporting your team is more than just watching on telly. The buzz and atmosphere of a match viewed from the stands is every fan’s dream Saturday, so why isn’t it easy for everyone to enjoy? I like my football as much as the next person. Well to be honest, probably rather more than the next…

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Dementia Care: Life History

Dementia Care: Life History ›

16th April 2014 | Categories: Dementia

A programme of care for an individual living with dementia would have life history as need number one – this is your touchstone – know the persons linear history. What happened to this person on their life journey, and how does this help us to understand and help them in living with their dementia in…

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Will New GP Service Reduce Unplanned Emergency Admissions?

Will New GP Service Reduce Unplanned Emergency Admissions? ›

16th April 2014 | Categories: GPs

What’s it all about? A new unplanned admissions Direct Enhanced Service (DES) has been introduced as part of yet another move to reduce unnecessary emergency admissions to secondary care. The new DES places emphasis on practice availability to patients at risk of hospital admission with the main work of the DES being the proactive case…

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What do you know about Down’s Syndrome?

What do you know about Down’s Syndrome? ›

14th April 2014 | Categories: Learning Disability

March 17th to 20th 2014 was Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week, so time to improve your knowledge with some facts about this condition. I first met Margaret in 1988 when her elderly mother died and her father was too ill to care for her. Before this, nobody in the local social services or health community knew…

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