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Supported Living

Supported Living is about enabling services users with disabilities to live their lives as independently as possible, with support provided by specific agencies to facilitate that goal. It often takes the form of having a personal carer, a personal assistant, tailored housing requirements, meals on wheels, home adaptations etc.

Typically the biggest obstacle to be overcome by service users with disabilities is finding a property that helps to promote independence.  However, many local authorities (often working in conjunction with local charities to ensure that specific needs are being met) provide properties in useful locations like town centres or close to shops.  These properties are designed to meet the needs that emanate from particular disabilities like restricted mobility. Special adaptations will have been made and many are purpose built with the needs of a certain type of service user in mind.

Supported Living also extends to providing personal care to assist with activities like shopping, dressing, washing, cooking, laundry, going to work etc. The aim behind it is to offer the service user as independent a life as possible, by providing assistance where it is likely to help fulfil this aim.

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