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Food Hygiene and Safety

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has set standards to be followed relating to food preparation, this is to ensure food hygiene and safety standards are met. In total, there are 28 regulations that relate to the standards applied by the Care Quality Commission. These standards are allocated into outcomes, which care service providers are expected to acknowledge and meet

There are a total of 28 outcomes in which you must comply in order to meet the standards set by the Care Quality Commission, these include:

Outcome 1:       Respecting and involving people who use services

Outcome 2:      Consent to care and treatment

Outcome 3:       Fees

Outcome 4:       Care and welfare of people who use services

Outcome 5:       Meeting nutritional needs

Outcome 6:       Cooperating with other providers

Outcome 7:       Safeguarding people who use services from abuse

Outcome 8:       Cleanliness and infection control

Outcome 9:       Management of medicines

Outcome 10      Safety and suitability of premises

Outcome 11:     Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

Outcome 12:     Requirements relating to workers

Outcome 13:    Staffing

Outcome 14:     Supporting workers

Outcome 15:     Statement of purpose

Outcome 16:     Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

Outcome 17:     Complaints

Outcome 18:     Notification of death of a person who uses services

Outcome 19:     Notification of death or unauthorized absence of a person who is detained or liable to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983

Outcome 20:     Notification of other incidents

Outcome 21:     Records

Outcome 22:     Requirements where the service provider is an individual or partnership

Outcome 23:     Requirement where the service provider is a body other than a partnership

Outcome 24:     Requirements relating to registered managers

Outcome 25:     Registered person: training

Outcome 26:     Financial position

Outcome 27:     Notifications – notice of absence

Outcome 28:     Notifications – notice of changes

This list of standards is really a handful for any caregiving personnel or caregiving body to keep in mind at all times. That is why Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) has created a management system to help you in planning everything from food hygiene and safety to care assessments.

Quality Compliance Systems Software:

  1. Supports your CQC Registration under The Health and Social Care Act 2008.
  2. Documents are fully customised for you as required by the CQC.
  3. Peace of mind knowing you are compliant and that QCS is keeping you up to date.
  4. Helps with staff training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  5. Meets the CQC Definition of Quality Assurance for on-going compliance.
  6. Save Time – Easily create and update 2,400+ pages of guidance.
  7. Stay up to date with all the CQC and legislative changes.
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CQC Outcomes are now called Key Lines of Enquiry. CQC Essential Standards are now CQC Fundamental Standards.