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Got a question? Call us now

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Positive and productive employee relations.

With extensive experience in people management, our partner, Employer Solutions can  work with you to resolve HR problems and realise aspirations for your business.

Tel: 01524 599399   employer solutions
Web: www.employersolutions.co.uk
Email: mail@employersolutions.co.uk

Why Employer Solutions?

  • Chartered specialists in the health & care sector, and accomplished authors with hands-on experience and understanding of the people problems you encounter.
  • Their support packages are contract-free.
  • Committed to resolving conflict flexibly without expensive litigation.
  • Assist you in making real improvements in recruitment, performance, retention, attendance and employee morale – saving you time, money and resource.
  • Give you the tools, confidence and guidance to manage your people effectively.

Benefits of their support package:

  • Expert employee relations advice on hand delivered by a designated HR consultant – invaluable to help you tackle incidental conflict before it gets out of control.
  • Practical assistance: for example drafting letters, calculating redundancy payments or making careful plans for disciplinary actions.
  • Immediate access to professional experience, support and guidance on complex issues such as redundancy processes, mediation and gross misconduct.
  • Exclusive “how to” HR toolkits to guide you at every step.

Employee Relations Training

  • Training in all employment matters, tailored to your needs and wants.
  • Their workshop leaders are excellent facilitators, have sound practical experience in their subject area, in the care sector and they know relevant legislation thoroughly.
  • Subjects include recruitment and selection, performance, attendance, discipline, and employment law; plus they offer the opportunity to learn from an employment tribunal in action.

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