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Harmful Evidence

Harmful Evidence ›

14th January 2016 | Categories: Mental Health

When we think about risk issues regarding people with mental health problems, we usually think of particular types of risk. We think about the possibility of the person causing harm to others, harm to themselves, or coming to harm because of self-neglect. There’s another category of risk we should also be alert to, and there’s…

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Not the Whole Picture

Not the Whole Picture ›

10th November 2015 | Categories: Mental Capacity Act , Mental Health

I wrote last week about anxiety. This week I want to write about links between anxiety and Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome is included in a long list of disorders that could come under the Mental Health Act’s definition of a mental health disorder. Now, what if that disorder is occurring alongside another mental health problem,…

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The Response so far

The Response so far ›

1st November 2015 | Categories: Mental Health

I wrote a blog earlier in the year after the Law Commission launched their proposals for what would hopefully be a simplified, but also more comprehensive process, for managing situations where people who lack capacity are deprived of their liberty. Well, the consultation period is nearly at an end and if you want to respond…

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Reporting Restrictions

Reporting Restrictions ›

22nd October 2015 | Categories: Care Quality Commission , Mental Capacity Act , Mental Health

I’ve recently read a local news item about a care home being required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to make improvements to protect the safety and welfare of its residents. Much of the focus of the CQC concerns was around the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) and safeguarding. I looked at the report for…

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Change For The Better

Change For The Better ›

18th October 2015 | Categories: Mental Health

One useful way at looking at areas of peoples’ lives that are presenting difficulties is to make use of the change theory. If you’re working with someone with mental health problems, who also has a problem with cannabis use, then working with this person to bring about change can be difficult, unless we understand some…

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Campaigning To Be Heard

Campaigning To Be Heard ›

10th October 2015 | Categories: Learning Disability , Mental Capacity Act , Mental Health

I’ve just been reading about a campaign to change the law so families of vulnerable adults are consulted about their care. The campaign, called Justice for LB, was started by the mother of a young man with autism and epilepsy who drowned in a bath at Slade House, an NHS unit in Oxfordshire in 2013….

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Testing Times

Testing Times ›

The Mental Capacity Act Previously, I’ve written on how we use the Mental Capacity Act in order to make a decision in someone’s best interests, where we believe the person lacks the capacity to make that decision themselves. Such decisions can range from what to wear today, to where shall one live. The Mental Capacity…

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Making the Difficult Decisions

Making the Difficult Decisions ›

26th September 2015 | Categories: Adult Social Care , Mental Health

I’ve been using a case study to deliver some teachings about how we make decisions under the Mental Health Act. This case study was used in a research project which produced some interesting findings as to how practitioners make assessments under the Mental Health Act. I found this decision making process useful as to how…

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Reaching Out

Reaching Out ›

19th September 2015 | Categories: Adult Social Care , Mental Health

World Suicide Prevention Day Last week marked world suicide awareness day, and the theme was reaching out and saving lives. World Suicide Prevention Day has been marked every 10th September since 2003 as a way of alerting everyone to ways in which they can prevent suicide. According to the recently released World Health Organization report:…

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Getting a good report

Getting a good report ›

11th September 2015 | Categories: Mental Health

This week I’ve been teaching some students about writing mental health tribunal reports. I’ve been compiling some materials for this, and one of these is a news story about Judge Jeremy Lea who has criticised a social worker for writing a report that was far too wordy and jargon-filled. In fact, he said it might…

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