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Do you have an effective customer care strategy?

Do you have an effective customer care strategy? ›

1st March 2016 | Categories: Dentists

The introduction of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) for dental patients brings you a range of valuable information about how your patients perceive your practice, the question you now need to ask is; ‘How can I get the most from this information?’ The retail sector has long since recognised the importance of understanding their customers’…

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Working with Extended Duties for Dental Nurses

Working with Extended Duties for Dental Nurses ›

19th January 2016 | Categories: Dentists

For many years dental nurses with an ambition to play an extended role in patient care, have enrolled onto courses to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can take on extended duties.  For the practices employing these dental nurses, if they have the required vision and management skills have the opportunity to reshape…

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Person Centred Care

Person Centred Care ›

1st December 2015 | Categories: Dentists

CQC Regulation (9) is concerned about the Patient-Centred nature of care provision. Whilst it’s difficult to argue that dental treatment could be anything but entirely person-centred as every clinical prescription is a direct response to individual patient’s oral health needs. However, the quality of the clinical care provided is not the whole story. In fact,…

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The Practice Christmas Party – Eat, Drink and Be Merry?

The Practice Christmas Party – Eat, Drink and Be Merry? ›

24th November 2015 | Categories: Dentists

Now is the season to be merry, the Christmas party is a great way to boost morale by rewarding staff and giving everyone a chance to bond, but when things go wrong the repercussions can go far beyond the next-day hangover. Take care that the practice Christmas party does not leave a stain the practice’s…

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Keep Consent Requirements in Focus

Keep Consent Requirements in Focus ›

18th November 2015 | Categories: Dentists

Although urban myths around dentists over powering their patients to deliver unwelcome and painful procedures are firmly embedded in the public psyche, they are of course far removed from the truth. The law (CQC Regulation 11, Need for Consent) and dental regulations (GDC and Standard 3- Gain Valid Consent) place patient’s informed consent squarely at…

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Are Your Staff Meetings in a Rut?

Are Your Staff Meetings in a Rut? ›

11th November 2015 | Categories: Dentists

Do you see a worthwhile return on the time invested in your team meetings? Nowadays regulatory requirements mean that team meetings are an essential feature of dental team life. So it is reasonable for all concerned to expect to see a return on investment for the time spent. The essential planning Only well planned and…

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Fulfilling Continuous Professional Development

Fulfilling Continuous Professional Development ›

4th November 2015 | Categories: Dentists

Continuous Development of Learning The dental profession is not alone in prescribing the ongoing professional development activities of its members. Historically, attending courses and obtaining the certificates was an acceptable way to measure the CPD, however, this approach now termed as ‘In-put CPD’, simply measures time spent on CPD activities and does not reference what has…

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Exposure to Radiation – Is your dental practice safe?

Exposure to Radiation – Is your dental practice safe? ›

28th October 2015 | Categories: Dentists

The majority of dental care procedures are assessed as presenting very little risk to patients’ well-being. In respect of the use of diagnostic radiographs there is a low, but known risk, and for this reason dental professionals are expected to adopt a policy for ensuring that patients’ exposure to harmful x-rays is, “As low as reasonably…

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360 Degree Appraisals

360 Degree Appraisals ›

20th October 2015 | Categories: Dentists , Human Resources

Opening up a new range of possibilities Many practice managers say that appraising their team is the task they feel least capable to perform competently, nevertheless they recognise that effective appraisals are an essential tool for quality management. Managers become more relaxed about appraising their teams when they recognise that a performance appraisal is simply…

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Organisation of your Dental Policies and Procedures

Organisation of your Dental Policies and Procedures ›

3rd October 2015 | Categories: Dentists , QCS

Your practice polices are working documents and should be organised so that they can influence the running of the practice. I am frequently asked, “What’s the best way to organise practice polices and procedures now that the new Fundamental Standards have been introduced? The concerns people express are about policy duplication and storing polices so…

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